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Thread of Thought

At the exhibition ‘Thread of Thought’ that will be presented at Periscope Gallery starting on February 11, the industrial design Ph.D. student Tamar Nix, will present an installation that integrates art and academic research.

The research focus is digital design and fabrication of crochet, which enables creating complex 3D structures directly from yarn. Crochet is a textile hand craft with no industrial solution so far. Nix’s research involves transformation of Crochet from hand craft to robotic fabrication. The research is taking place at the MTRL lab under supervision of Prof. Aaron Sprecher and secondary advisor lecturer and architect Ayelet Karmon.

The exhibition presents an inflatable construction made of crochet textile and fitness balls. The crochet pattern determines the installation structure, demonstrating the potential for temporary buildings or shelters. This type of structures will be created robotically in the future, according to the vision Nix presents at the exhibition.

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