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A piece of heaven

'Ashdoda' depicts the figure of a woman seated on a couch, seemingly merging with it. Her bird-like head rests atop a long neck, while the figure of her companion, likely a bull or a dog, is positioned on all fours, resembling an animal-like vessel. These artifacts possess a distinct character and undoubtedly carry a narrative. Moreover, they served practical purposes in their time, whether as tools for worship, objects of prayer, or even as comforting items akin to dolls in contemporary society. These ancient objects have undergone a modern textile interpretation through a peaceful process of transformation using current technology. This process involves computerized planning, 3D printing, and computer-guided cutting and sewing.

The resulting scaled-down versions make them relevant to today's context, and they retain the potential to serve similar functions as they did in antiquity.

"Craft of disappearance" exhibition curated by Galit Gaon and Tom Cohen, at the Museum of Philistine Culture, Ashdod. 2023

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