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Computational 3D Crochet Design and Fabrication

In the realm of additive manufacturing, flat knitting machines have shown promise in crafting three-dimensional objects from yarn. However, they face challenges in handling complexity, scalability, and diverse yarn types. Tamar's research suggests crochet as a versatile alternative, thanks to its ability to seamlessly create three-dimensional shells.

Tamar's research explores recent advances in computational crochet design tools, analyses crocheting hand gestures and tool-paths, and introduces an innovative digital fabrication device tailored for robotic crochet frameworks. This device highlights the unique advantages of crochet in comparison to other fabrication methods.

Tamar's Ph.D. research at the MTRL lab in the Technion seeks to bridge the gap between traditional crochet craftsmanship and robotic fabrication, producing 3D fabrics akin to additive manufacturing. Crochet's ability to create intricate structures directly from a single strand of yarn holds significant potential for various applications.

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